(+18) Into the Forest Ch.2

The principal character wakes up around the shore. He doesn't reminisce what occurred. He hears a voice that is female. He sees a beautiful and chesty nymph with silver hair. She cried to him and hugs him tightly. Her baps crush that chest of our hero. The gal calls him. That is a dream!? After a bit of talk, the situation embarks to clear up, as abruptly a terrible howl is heard out of trees. Just what a creature with crimson eyes belongs to the gal. The hero strikes the monster on the head with all the instruments of the gardener, but the creature stuns him. After a number of hours, our hero wakes up in a room that is darkened. Neighborhood is a slim female and looks . . So you have to assist the protagonist to unravel all of the secrets of this interesting sex game.

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